StoreRoom Rack

Storeroom Rack

 Storeroom Rack

Store Room Rack and Shelving
 Color - White, Brand New
H200cm,      L  80cm,     D40cm   -  $ 100.00
H200cm,      L100cm,     D40cm   -  $ 130.00
H200cm,      L120cm,     D40cm   -  $ 150.00
H200cm,      L  80cm,     D50cm   -  $ 150.00
H200cm,      L100cm,     D50cm   -  $ 180.00
H200cm,      L120cm,     D50cm   -  $ 210.00
H200cm,      L140cm,     D50cm   -  $ 240.00
 H200cm,      L100cm,     D60cm   -  $ 210.00
 H200cm,      L120cm,     D60cm   -  $ 240.00

H-Heights    x    L-Length    x    D-Depth


Price Quoted above comes with Complete Racking with 4 Shelves!

You may also Add Additional Shelves, per Shelves Add-On Pricing as Follows :
 L  80cm,     D40cm   -  $ 20.00
 L100cm,     D40cm   -  $ 25.00
 L120cm,     D40cm   -  $ 30.00
 L  80cm,     D50cm   -  $ 25.00
 L100cm,     D50cm   -  $ 30.00
 L120cm,     D50cm   -  $ 35.00
 L140cm,     D50cm   -  $ 40.00
 L100cm,     D60cm   -  $ 35.00
 L120cm,     D60cm   -  $ 40.00


L-Length    x    D-Depth
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  • Benefits of our StoreRoom Rack

  • Fully metal shelving, no wood plank, wood will grow mold on them over time.
  • Shelving is easily adjustable, so you may change the level depending on what you put on them.
  • Clean White color rack, goes with all storeroom and looks good in it.
  • Easy to install, just latch on, no screws, no bolt, and nuts.
  • This rack will not rust, it is fully coated with epoxy powder.
  • Smooth surface, no cutting edges, will not hurt your hands when you take your stuff. Easy to clean up by using a cloth.
  • Heavy duty rack, each shelve can withstand 200 kg weight.
  • 9 sizes of racks to choose from, will fit in almost all HDB storeroom and bomb shelter.
  • Most important, still the best deals in town in terms of design and quality in comparison.

Bomb Shelter Rack

Our rack is popular among HDB flat owners, mostly known as Bomb Shelter Rack. Buyers tend to think all bomb shelter space is the same and would check with us what types of shelving would be suitable. Every unit of Bomb Shelter is built differently.



Store Room Rack and Shelves

These are metal rack suitable for both light storage and heavy duty warehouse shelving purposes. The idea of racking maximizes your storeroom storage spaces and making the whole premises neat and tidy.

These racking are really easy to install, they do not have bolt and nuts, and practically anybody can install them with bare hands. These shelving are easily latched on to the side frame bar. You may choose the level that you wants to secure your shelve, depending on your product that you want to put on them. All Shelving is completely adjustable at your own discretion.





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