Carton Box C544 - L45cm x W40cm x H40cm

Sales price $ 35.00
Carton Box C544
- L45cm x W40cm x H40cm
- Double Wall Carton Box
- Sold in 10pcs Pack
New Carton Box


Carton Box for Packing and Moving House.


C544 - L45cm x W40cm x H40cm  - Price $3.50 each


C645 - L60cm x W40cm x H50cm  - Price $4.00 each


C655 - L65cm x W45cm x H55cm  - Price $5.50 each
For Delivery add $10 - Minimum purchase of 20pcs New Carton Boxes
All Used Carton Boxes - Selling at $2.00 each (comes in various Sizes)
Customise Boxes are also available, please email your enquiry


 Carton Boxes for Moving House.


We supply carton boxes of various sizes to organisation from Government sector, schools, college, university, hospital, army and navy and including corporation in Singapore. Customisation of various sizes to suit all individual needs and requirement.

We also have a lot of individual customers who are moving houses, packing items for storage, packaging items for overseas delivery etc.. You are welcome to our warehouse to do self collection or we do delivery as well.


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