Boltless Rack Layout

L-Shape Rack vs U-Shape Boltless Rack Layout

L-Shape Rack vs U-Shape Boltless Rack Layout


L-Shaped Rack

The use of L shape racks are gaining demand in Singapore because of limited size of the bomb shelter that doubles as a storeroom in HDB, new condos and landed properties. 

In order to maximize the space in the storeroom room, racks are usually placed in a corner that forms an L shape therefore the name “L Shape Racks”.

These L racks are formed by simply placing 2 racks facing each other in 90 degrees in the corner. This helps to save space as they face each other and minimized the gap between them and allow you to put all the things safely and tidily. 

The bigger the size of your racks, the heavier it can carry. The maximum capacity for each shelving is 200KG. These L shaped racks can be used for Storeroom in BTO Bomb Shelter. 


L-Shaped Rack



Straight Shaped Rack


Straight Shaped Rack

You can op for Straight Shape Rack. Our racks are very sturdy as you connect it. It relies on the weight of each structure and lean on each other holding all the weights together. 

Our recommended rack layout for this room type is the Connected Rack Row where two (or more) rack bays are connected side by side to form a rack row to maximize the longer end of the bomb shelter storeroom. 

This layout gives you excellent frontal access to store and retrieve your stores from the rack(s) and ample walkway space in and out of your room. 

The Connected Rack Row is our favorite layout for providing good corner space to store bulky items - without obstructing too much of your walkway into the room. 

These straight shaped racks can be used as Sturdy table, side table, storage rack for your room, TV console shelf, dryer and washing machine rack, book storage rack or store racks for Balcony and Service yard shelving. 




U-Shaped Rack


This layout is combined with 3 racks to form a U shaped. Some older HDB and land houses has a larger storeroom or for storerooms with a door in the middle, homeowners would usually opt for a U-shape rack.  

This maximizes the space while providing easy access to the stored items. This rack is similar to an L-shape, just that it comes with 3 rectangle racks. 

We have a write up on Benefits of our Boltless Rack, do check this out.


So with the different layout in mind, select your racks according to your storeroom size and door frame position. Happy shopping!  


U Shaped Rack


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