Boltless Rack DIY Self Collection

A Guide For Boltless Rack DIY Self Collection

Boltless Rack DIY Self Collection


Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to do a self collection of our Boltless Rack. For most typical Bomb Shelter room, we observed could fill in at least 2 storage rack. So today we going to find out two sets of storage rack with 4 tier shelves could get in a small car.


From our observation, most of the car can fit in 1 or 2 sets of rack depending on the space. If you have a SUV car or a hatch back car, it definitely can fit in more. This guide will show you how to arrange the racks to fits into your car. If you are urgently looking for a new rack, as you got rid of your old cupboard or shelves, this is the perfect time to self-collect your racks instantly. Needless to mention, if you are driving a lorry, truck or van, you can definitely load it up. Here in the photo, we are using a Honda Vezel as the model.


Honda Vezel for Self Collection Demo


For demo purpose, we are using this Honda Vezel as an example. This is a widely known hatch back car driven in Singapore


All Rack in a Goods Trolley


There are 4 shelves stands with 8 frames and 16 horizontal beams loaded on the trolley. We will assist you to load in your vehicle.  


Lowering of the Rear Seats


First, lay down your left rear seat till its completely flat. You just have to lay down the 2-seater side of your seat. The right rear seats may not need to be lower down depending on the amount of rack you are collecting.


Lowering of the Front Seats


Roll forward your passenger seat and lay it down completely flat. If necessary, remove the head rest too so there is no obstruction.

For additional protection to your car leather, placed a used-carton box or a cloth on the passenger seat where the racks will be in direct contact. This step is not shown in the video.


All Ready to Load Up


This is how it looks like after laying both front and left rear seats down. There is a smooth room space for the rack stand to sit in nicely. Time to load up your racks.


Loading Shelves


Load your shelves (pack in brown boxes) in the car nicely then followed by the horizontal beams by the side. Stack and arranged on top of one another neatly.


Loading Rack Stand


Last to get in are the shelve stand. Load it all the way till it sits nicely on the passenger seat. Over here we did not secure the racks with any tie. The weight of the rack will hold itself in place and prevent it from moving as you are on the road. To be extra careful, you can bring a nylon string or any fastener to secure all the frames together.


All Rack Loaded


That’s how it will look like after loading 2 sets of boltless rack to your vehicle. Looks pretty compact! If you need it urgently, you can now arrange for your own self-collection and get it instantaneously.

Based on what we have observed, car with hatch back opening has bigger room space for putting 2 to 4 sets of rack. SUV and MPV has no problem carrying more storage rack. For smaller car like the Honda fit, we observed, it can also carry 1 to 2 sets of our rack.  Generally most saloon car can carry 1 to 2 sets of our boltless rack.

For those vehicles without hatch back opening, like those normal saloon car, we can still get in the rack via the rear opening through the rear seats on the right. Front seats need to be lower down for the Rack stand to lay on. Alternatively, if some rear seats are unable to move flat to make ways, our rack stand can tilt at a diagonal position stretching from the left front seats to the rear right seats.

Regarding placement of the rack storing in your vehicles, our efficient and friendly team of customer care will assist you and guide you along the whole process.

If you do not have your own vehicle or are not able to self-collect, we do provide delivery to your doorstep in 1 to 3 working days. We have our in-house delivery team that will attend to your needs. Contact us today and have our customer care service guides you through the process.


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If you find it easy to do your own DIY Self Collection, you may visit our Office.


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