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Boltless Rack Systems


Before the evolution of Boltless Rack System, the market is flooded with commonly used Bolted Steel Racks, as the name suggest that consist of bolt and nuts. These Bolted racks require time and intensive labour to put the shelfs together. These traditional bolt and nuts are not coated with anti-rust or the latest industrial epoxy coating. Hence, with the test of time, these bolt and nuts are the quickest to rust. Upon rusting, the racks becomes unsightly and specks of rust might dropped on your items. These bolted racks are a hassle for adjustment as you think about storing your items and must be measure to accuracy. It is definitely a tedious process!


At Boltless Rack Singapore, we remove the need for bolt and nut, created a rack system that is safe for you and easy for setup. We insist on passing on the good value to our customers. You will enjoy these 5 main benefits as follows:


Boltless Rack Benefits


Simplicity - Easy to install
Safe - Boltless Rack has to be Safe
Good Health - No Rust, No Mold, Clean Rack and Shelves
Versatile - Easy to move individual shelves around
Stable - Tough and stable metal quality.



Storeroom Rack Singapore does delivery and installation for customers on all of our boltless racking systems. Our racks are simple to install, doing away with bolt and nuts. Every horizontal side frame will latch on the main vertical frame to form a stable holding. Removing the shelf works the same way as latching on to the frame. This show how simple it is to install and dismantle the boltless rack anyone at home can do the job.


Check out our DIY Self Installation of Boltless Rack


Boltless Rack Singapore



Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a storage rack. Is the rack you choose safe for your kids and children at home? Boltless Rack Singapore manufacture racks with white and smooth shelving. These bright clean shelves attribute to its smooth white epoxy coating that is made to last. Epoxy coating is resistant to many corrosive substances. Epoxies are a top choice for many industrial coating applications, including steel and metal. Some supplier are still using plywood or fiber material which are not safe. Wood are known to be porous are high absorbent of water. The wood will be weaken and might cause splinter over time. Splinters are known to leave tiny stick in your skin which is painful and annoying. Besides that, wood also causes other problems and will explain more later.


Good Health

A good and healthy environment makes a good place to live. This is true for your storage rack that are place at home or work. Owners of wood or fiber-material rack should thoughtfully consider changing the whole rack systems to a metal-only rack. In Singapore, our moisture level is especially high, wood material will absorb moisture and grow mold over time. Mold produces lingering musty smell like odour and is toxic. Mold has a substance called mycotoxins, which cause health problems in some people. Wood cabinet or shelf needs to be constantly clean to remove mold.


Versatile and Stable

At Boltless Rack Singapore, our storage racks are adjustable which makes it versatile. It is easy to install and dismantle. You can shift it to any height you like to fit your items. Two sides of the vertical frames are made of 2 straight legs welded by beams to create a zig-zag structure for stability. There are only 2 separate stands holding the structure together. At minimum, only 1 horizontal shelf panel is needed to hold the frame together. Unlike most rack supplier, most manufacturer has rack with independent four vertical legs, which are connected by adding more shelves to create the weight and improve its stability. 


Understanding these 5 key benefits of a good metal rack, you may like to learn more about the different types of rack available in the market and choose the right one. Check out our Guide on Selecting the right Boltless Rack


Boltless Rack Systems

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