Boltless Rack Systems

Before our new range of boltless racking systems evolves, there is a lot of common use steel rack that has a bolt and nuts, some are even using the screws to put in place the complete shelving systems. Generally, the bolt and nut are the quickest to form rust on them over time. Installation of rack also takes a bit longer time to complete compared to our new boltless racking. Besides adjusting the shelves level for proportion to your items would be a challenge. You would probably need to figure out screwing and unscrewing of the bolt and nuts. It's definitely a tedious process.


At Boltless Rack Singapore, we do away with bolt and nut, we created a racking system that is people friendly and safe. We insist on passing on the good value to our customers. As benefits to our customers are as follows:


Simplicity - Easy to install
Safe - Boltless Rack has to be Safe
Good Health - No Rust, No Mold, Clean Rack and Shelves
Versatile - Easy to move individual shelves around
Stable - Tough and stable metal quality.



StoreRoom Rack Singapore deliver and install for customers all boltless racking systems. Our racks are easy to install, without bolt and nuts. Every horizontal side frame will just latch on the main vertical frame to form a stable holding. Removing the shelve is the same latch in or out of the frame. This is how simple it is to install and dismantle the boltless rack, anybody at home can do the job.


Check out our DIY Self Installation of Boltless Rack


Boltless Rack Singapore



Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a storage rack. Is the rack you choose safe for your kids and children at home? Boltless Rack Singapore produce rack with a smooth surface, clean white rack powder coded rack. Unlike some supplier still using wood or fiber material, which is not as safe.


Good Health

A good healthy environment is a good place to live. This applies either your storage rack are used at home or at work. Those with wood or fiber material rack should seriously consider changing the whole rack systems to a metal-only rack. In Singapore our moisture level are especially high, the wood material will absorb moisture and grow mold on it over time. Mold smells and is toxic, it produces mycotoxins, toxic substances that cause health problems in some people. If you have a wood cabinet or shelve you will have to constantly clean them and remove the mold.


Versatile and Stable

At Boltless Rack Singapore, our storage racks are versatile and stable. Shelve adjustment is easy to install and dismantle. Both of our vertical frames are zig-zag welded together, providing a very stable leg for the entire rack. Unlike most rack supplier still, produce rack with four vertical legs that are just supported by the weight of the shelves.

StoreRoom Rack Singapore always deliver the best value to our customers. To find out more about our Boltless Rack installation, check out our facebook page and follow us (


Boltless Rack Systems

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