Our Mission

To bring safe racks into every household

"Clean, White, Fully Metal Rack is the way to go!"

A Little History About Us

We started our company in 2004, ever since our business has been growing by leaps and bounds, mostly via referals from customers recommendations, through word of mouth. 

When the internet revolution began, we started StoreroomRack.com. We were amazed by the improvement in sales volume. Today we are proud to be the best and safest racking company to be around in Singapore. 

We have customers ranging from big government sectors (HDB, NUS, NTU, Army Camp, Hospital, Schools etc..), big corporations (Google Office, Starhub, Bank etc..), smaller SME companies (Ah Kun, Grohe Pacific, Hai Sia Seafood, StorHub etc..) and mostly HDB home owners.

Our Observation

Today, there are still a large number of people who are still using wooden shelves for their storage. We all know that the weather in Singapore is very hot and humid. This allows mould to accumulate and grow pretty quickly on wooden surfaces. The growth of mould releases mycotoxins, a toxic substance that causes health problems. As such wooden shelves have to be maintained regularly to ensure that it is mould free. 

We strongly encourage the use of full metal shelving without wooden or fibrous materials. At Storeroom Rack Singapore, all of our racks are made fully from metal with epoxy coating. Therefore our storeroom racks are not only mould free, but rust free as well.

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Our Mission and our Visions

Our Mission is to bring a SAFETY RACK to Every Household, provide Clean, White, Fully Metal Rack. 

We believe that safety cannot be compromised. Our team will work very hard to bring our message to all home and corporate owners. 

We are committed to always provide a safe and healthy working environment for our client. Continuous improvement on our part to achieve a new standard of excellence in our industry.

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"We are the preferred choice by brands and heartlands for our commitment to quality and service."